Best Chrome Apps

02/27 to 02/28

Top 5 Games Apps


#1 Test Your Science Knowledge

129% Growth

The best way to Test & Improve your knowledge about science subjects

5,491 Users

#2 Broforce

121% Growth

Lead a troop of elite mercenaries through a dangerous jungle which has been captured by the terrorists. Save hostages to unlock.

1,447 Users

#3 spot the difference

121% Growth

Just find the difference between two images ... Created with

1,825 Users

#4 Canvas Defense

111% Growth

Defend your base from the oncoming horde.

11,317 Users

#5 Atari - Centipede

111% Growth

Destroy insect pests! Scorpions poison mushrooms, sending centipedes diving toward you.

49,507 Users


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Best Chrome Apps

02/27 to 02/28

Top 5 Lifestyle Apps


#1 Credit Sesame

108% Growth

Credit Sesame allows youto monitor your credit and debt, save on loans and see your monthly credit score - for free!

946 Users

#2 Daily Devotionals

106% Growth

Glorify God for who He is, and what He has done, through daily devotionals.

1,124 Users

#3 Loot Palace

106% Growth

An online reward program offering free gift cards

613 Users

#4 Black Friday Deals

105% Growth

Find best Black Friday deals & coupons from, Best Buy,, Walmart, Newegg. Get Best discounts on popular produc

790 Users


104% Growth

This app is just a link that redirects directly to the online

932 Users


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Best Chrome Apps

02/27 to 02/28

Top 5 Utilities Apps


#1 Crypto Lite (Free)

126% Growth

A light AES encryption client

807 Users

#2 Prey Anti-Theft

114% Growth

Prey is a free anti-theft app that lets you keep track of your devices whenever stolen or missing, easily and all in one place.

6,572 Users

#3 File Assistant

107% Growth

Select one or many Google Docs and have it converted to PDF, Zipped up and emailed to you.

603 Users

#4 Soundtrap

106% Growth

Record music online

4,568 Users

#5 JarvisX

106% Growth

JarvisX, is everyone"s favorite HTML5 virtual servant. Over 50 commands, and artificial intelligence to interpret everything you

659 Users


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Best Chrome Apps

02/27 to 02/28

Top 5 Enter Apps


#1 NewFreeScreensavers

139% Growth is a website with an ever-growing collection of safe and free screensavers.

1,386 Users


125% Growth

All about funny gif pictures for you!

822 Users

#3 TubeBook

116% Growth

The Facebook driven YouTube player, great for music!.

1,852 Users

#4 Doffy

115% Growth

A handy Depth of Field calculator for your SLR and digital cameras.

1,916 Users

#5 Image Search With Color Filter App

115% Growth

Easy image search with color filter.

1,759 Users


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Best Chrome Apps

02/27 to 02/28

Top 5 Education Apps


#1 the Unit Circle!

121% Growth

A handy interactive guide to the unit circle.

2,384 Users

#2 Lightning Type

115% Growth

Typing tutor application with detailed feedback

6,175 Users

#3 BackChannel Chat

108% Growth

Real time discussions designed for educators.

3,085 Users

#4 Pics4Learning

107% Growth

Free Copyright-Free Photos for Education

11,224 Users

#5 Periodic Table of Elements

107% Growth

A Periodic Table of Elements that includes density, temps, weight, etc.

32,375 Users


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Best Chrome Apps

02/27 to 02/28

Top 5 News/Weat Apps


#1 Fairways360

103% Growth


1,082 Users

#2 Singapore Weather Nowcast

103% Growth

Shows Singapore's weather forecast for the next 3 hours on a Google Maps backdrop.

525 Users

#3 msgboy

102% Growth

Msgboy is a smart reader that pushes your web. You can train it so that eventually it will show only the most relevant content.

964 Users

#4 World Snooker

102% Growth

World Snooker - The official app of the world governing body featuring the latest snooker news and videos

1,228 Users

#5 DJs Mobiles

101% Growth

Your Guide to Going Mobile - Brings you the Latest News on smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices

797 Users


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Best Chrome Apps

02/27 to 02/28

Top 5 Prod Apps


#1 Padlet

425% Growth

Paper for the Web

161,963 Users

#2 Subnet Mask Calculator

118% Growth

A fast Subnet Mask Calculator. Great of IT engineers to figure out network IPs, and wildcard masks quickly

5,460 Users

#3 Responsi

116% Growth

A responsive web design testing tool with drag-to-resize viewport,rotate switch and standard device presets.

5,357 Users

#4 JSON Table Editor

113% Growth

Edit JSON using Grid/Table interface

3,535 Users

#5 <Vanadius /> HTML5 Web Editor Online

112% Growth

Edit your HTML5, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP webpages from your favourite browser.

4,754 Users


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Best Chrome Apps

02/27 to 02/28

Top 5 Business Apps


#1 Cars, Trucks, Classic Cars, Motorcycles

110% Growth

Auto, Truck, Classic Car and Motorcycle traders by Auto Driver's Club

674 Users

#2 DoubleSMS

106% Growth

DoubleSMS is a powerful and reliable application for sending bulk text messages all over the world.

727 Users

#3 Podio Google Integration - Spreadsheet Magic

105% Growth

Export your entire Podio Workspaces to Google Spreadsheets automatically, with no clicks (Auto Upload and Download).

739 Users

#4 CreateSurvey

104% Growth

Create and Conduct Online Surveys

607 Users

#5 Crowdbooster

103% Growth

Measure and optimize your social media marketing

1,299 Users


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Best Chrome Apps

02/27 to 02/28

Top 5 Soc/Comm Apps


#1 ScreenCastle

313% Growth

ScreenCastle is a screencast recorder and hosting service. You canrecord and share a screencast directly from your browser.

13,939 Users

#2 Screenr

182% Growth

Just click record. Screenr's web-based screen recorder makes ita breeze to create and share screencasts around the web.

34,143 Users

#3 mig33

128% Growth

mig33 - FREE, FAST, FUN and SOCIAL! Chat, find new friends, exchangevirtual gifts, share photo and play games!

794 Users

#4 Push Messaging Sample Client App

120% Growth

A sample to demonstrate how to use Chrome Push Messaging.

718 Users

#5 gUnify Chat

112% Growth

gUnify Chat Application

1,650 Users

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