Best Chrome Apps

04/16 to 04/18

Top 5 Games Apps


#1 Kick Bot

133% Growth

Kick Bot will really kick your bot! Maneuver through spikes and laser beams. One wrong move and you?Ĉre a heap of metal.

1,678 Users

#2 Angry birds star wars [2]

118% Growth

Play Angry Birds Star Wars II by Rovio Entertainment Ltd,

758 Users

#3 Minecraft Zumbi Blocks 3D

117% Growth

Use your skills to destroy dangerous waves of zombies. Aim and shoot your target, well covers your back and kill them all before

1,039 Users

#4 Temple Run 2 online

114% Growth

Temple Run 2 has amassed over 20 million downloads in its first four days on the iOS App Store

11,822 Users

#5 Turbo Dismount

114% Growth

An interesting 3D game which you can also download via Steam. Your task will be to test the vehicles before they go on sale....

2,031 Users


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Best Chrome Apps

04/16 to 04/18

Top 5 Lifestyle Apps


#1 Free Maps Ruler

106% Growth

Free Maps Ruler allows you to easily measure the distance and the area between selected points on a map.

3,069 Users

#2 I Ching divination

106% Growth

Free I Ching divination computer

662 Users

#3 WineMaps

105% Growth is an interactive travel map that allows consumers to discover, learn and interact with wineries from around the wo

629 Users

#4 Trendyol

104% Growth | DSM Group

2,515 Users


104% Growth for Chrome > It is now easier to book your air tickets, hotels & travel packages with all new Arzoo Google Chrome w

771 Users


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Best Chrome Apps

04/16 to 04/18

Top 5 Utilities Apps


#1 Coggle

125% Growth

Produce beautiful notes, quickly and easily. Share them with friends and colleagues to enhance your ideas collaboratively.

4,347 Users

#2 PocketCloud

114% Growth

Search, view, organize, and share from yourcomputers while on the go.

596 Users

#3 System

111% Growth

What"s in your computer? System provides a lot of technical infos about your computer.

1,023 Users

#4 Cambridge Dictionaries Online

108% Growth

Access the world"s most popular online dictionary and thesaurus for learners of English.

1,724 Users

#5 TeamLab Personal

107% Growth

Create, Co-edit and Embed Documents Online

5,023 Users


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Best Chrome Apps

04/16 to 04/18

Top 5 Enter Apps


#1 Hollywood Movie Trailers

106% Growth

Discover, Watch, and Share your favorite movie trailers for many current and upcoming releases videos.

620 Users

#2 Tubesmix

105% Growth

Tubemix allows users to search and browse popular music and videos from YouTube and create playlists.

795 Users

#3 Promoterr Funny Videos ( Comedy TV )

104% Growth

Promoterr Comedy Videos is a premium channel that plays all the latest funny videos and comedy from the Internet.

1,142 Users

#4 eBibleMovies

104% Growth

Watch Bible Movies Online

813 Users


104% Growth is a free music service that uses YouTube to connect you to a universe of music perfectly matched to your tastes.

1,052 Users


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Best Chrome Apps

04/16 to 04/18

Top 5 Education Apps


#1 Knights of Knowledge

120% Growth

Inquiry starter videos for project-based learning across grades and subjects

729 Users

#2 The PE Geek

108% Growth

The PE Geek Blog

630 Users

#3 Traducteur Français vers Anglais

107% Growth

Traducteur franµá?s vers anglais - traduire le texte de la langue de votre choix

1,569 Users

#4 Italiana Inglese Traduttore

106% Growth

Italiana Inglese Traduttore - tradurre il testo alla lingua di vostra scelta.

663 Users

#5 Area of a Circle

106% Growth

Calculate area of a circle given any of the following, radius, diameter or circumference and vice versa

1,054 Users


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Best Chrome Apps

04/16 to 04/18

Top 5 News/Weat Apps


#1 1800PocketPC

105% Growth

Windows Phone / Windows Tablet News and Reviews

916 Users

#2 Mynet Finans

103% Growth

Türkiye’nin En Hareketli Finans Portal?

1,008 Users

#3 TC Slides

103% Growth

Enjoy TechCrunch posts in a cool slideshow format.

1,420 Users

#4 Mynet Spor

103% Growth

Türkiye ve dünyadan tüm spor haberleri Mynet Spor'da!

1,038 Users

#5 ihlas Son Dakika

102% Growth

Haberin Dogru Adresi

1,461 Users


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Best Chrome Apps

04/16 to 04/18

Top 5 Prod Apps



111% Growth

The Cleanest TODO list ever.

957 Users

#2 Pinegrow Web Designer

108% Growth

Easily mockup and design webpages with drag & drop components library, multi-page editing, LESS Css styling and Bootstrap 3 supp

1,891 Users

#3 Minimalistic Memo Calendar

105% Growth

Just an app to take notes and check your daily activities on a calendar. You can take notes for your future activities and check

2,286 Users

#4 Simple Beep (online only)

105% Growth

This extension plays a beep at a selected interval (hourly, or every 30/20/15/10/5 minutes).

524 Users

#5 Sign in Blue

104% Growth

E-signatures. Simplified. Upload your documents and send them for signature in minutes.

897 Users


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Best Chrome Apps

04/16 to 04/18

Top 5 Business Apps


#1 Slack

106% Growth

Slack is all your team communication in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go.

2,789 Users


104% Growth

ERPAG is a ERP cloud service that covers all business processes for small or mid-sized companies.

2,359 Users

#3 OrgChart5

104% Growth

Organizational Charting and Workforce Planning Software. 100% HTML5.

1,747 Users

#4 Link to Google Analytics | Shortcut

104% Growth

With this app you can easly access to the Google Analytics using the browser Google Chrome.

3,913 Users

#5 SimplyCast Event Management

104% Growth

SimplyCast's event management solution is the easiest way to launch and promote your next big company event.

1,122 Users


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Best Chrome Apps

04/16 to 04/18

Top 5 Soc/Comm Apps


#1 Fifa 14 Pro Clubs Xbox 360

113% Growth

A quirky little app for Fifa 14 gamers to advertise their club or virtual pro! No membership or details needed. Have fun!!

907 Users

#2 Blitzangebote & Suche

111% Growth

Zeigt aktuelle Blitzangebote auf

732 Users

#3 SpamDrain e-mail spam filter

107% Growth

Remove spam and virus before they reach your phone, server or computer.

1,297 Users

#4 Link to Twitter | Shortcut

105% Growth

With this app you can easly access to Twitter using the browser Google Chrome.

3,083 Users

#5 iSnap -unofficial client for snapchat™

105% Growth

iSnap - unofficial client for snapchat?Ö - Use snapchat on your Desktop or chromebook - 100% javascript

17,712 Users

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